Seasonal Leaf Pickup

Collection Times

Leaf collection takes place weekly on no set day of the week from October 1 to December 31, weather permitting. For the past several Fall seasons, trees have been shedding leaves much earlier and are generally bare by the end of November. The December 31st end collection date will ensure that mounds of leaves are not placed in our streets in January when the winter snow removal is underway, which has been the case during the last two winters.

Collection Place

Rake the leaves to your curb for vacuum pick up. Residents along Cedar Lane, Saul Road, Kensington Parkway and Connecticut Avenue are asked to rake their leaves only to the sidewalk or curb and not into the street in order that the piles of leaves do not impede the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Leaf Collection Tips

Limbs, rocks and other heavy objects must be removed, and leaves should not be placed in plastic bags. Residents who prefer to bag their leaves follow the yard waste instructions and place them at the curb for collection on the regular weekly (Monday) yard waste collection.