Collection Times

Tuesday (except holidays). When a holiday falls on a Tuesday, collection will not take place that week.

Collection Places

Please place recyclable at your curb.

Recycling Containers

Each residence has been assigned a recycling container (referred to as a Toter), which is the property of the Town. The Town maintains a list, with the Toter’s serial number, indicating to which residence it has been assigned. The Toter must remain at the residence to which it is assigned in the event the residence changes ownership.

Single Stream Recycling

Waste Management, the refuse and recycling collection contractor for the Town of Chevy Chase View, uses a process called “Single Stream Recycling”. This is a technology that allows you to place all your recyclables—such as fiber (newspaper, office paper and cardboard) and non-fiber (plastic bottles, steel, glass and aluminum cans)—into a single container (Toter) for subsequent collection, processing and remarketing. There is no need to sort materials into separate bins and no use of multiple collection vehicles.

How does it work?

Improvements in automated sorting and screening technologies have made it possible to cleanly separate a wide variety of material streams coming from a single source. Even fiber products –which previously needed to be manually separated from other recyclables to avoid costly contamination – can now be part of a Single Stream Recycling program thanks to processing innovations that significantly reduce paper contamination levels. Ongoing improvements in this technology will improve the economic viability of Single Stream Recycling programs.

What can be recycled in your Toter?

Fiber (Paper Related) Materials
Newspapers (with inserts) Used paper towels, tissues
Magazines and Catalogs Used paper plates, cups, etc.
Advertising Mail Metallic wrapping paper
Cardboard and Paperboard Boxes (including all cereal boxes without the liners, frozen food packaging, etc.) Wax paper, laminated paper
Corrugated Cardboard Any paper contaminated with food waste
Computer Printouts Loose, shredded paper (must be contained in one tied or sealed bag)
Colored Paper
Books (including paperbacks, textbooks, and hardbacks)
Office Paper (including typing, fax, copy and letterhead) and Envelopes
Brown Paper Bags (kraft)
Telephone Books
Non-Metallic Wrapping Paper
Aseptic/Gable-Top Milk and Juice Cartons
Shredded paper contained in a sealed or tied bag


Non-Fiber (Plastic, Glass and Metal) Materials
#1-#7 Rigid Plastic Containers including bottles, jugs, wide-mouth tubs, and trays (clean of food waste) Styrofoam (cups, plates, bowls, to-go containers, and foam packing material of any kind)
Aluminum Food & Beverage Containers Materials contaminated with food waste/grease
Steel/tin cans such as soup and vegetable cans Trash/Food Waste
Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Pie Pans Colored plastic film (such as candy and food wrappers or bags, colored plastic bags)
Glass Containers: jars and bottles Loose plastic film (must be contained within one bag!)
Aerosol Cans (empty) Plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons)
Non-container glass (cookware, windows, mirrors or plate glass)
Motor oil containers
Construction and Demolition Material
Vinyl siding