Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it mean for the Town to be a municipality in Montgomery County?

There is not a short answer to this question because there are many advantages that being a municipality provides us. Today’s residents need to thank the residents who voted in favor of incorporation as a municipality almost 20 years ago. That act gave us the authority to offer and maintain the excellent level of services we enjoy.

Let’s start with the advantages of grass-roots government. The Town Council members, consisting of our five elected officials, reside in the Town. These elected officials are empowered by the State of Maryland, via the Town’s Charter, with the authority to make decisions that make our Town a great place to live. You may find it surprising that Town residents essentially pay no more taxes to receive services from the Town than if you simply lived in an unincorporated area in Montgomery County. Town residents feel they receive a higher level of service and have direct input in the decisions that affect that level of service. As a municipality, the Town receives a portion of the income tax revenues specifically paid to the State by the residents of the Town of Chevy Chase View. The proportion of overall income receipts that the Town receives (17%) is established in the code of the State of Maryland.

Other sources of Town revenues include Montgomery County tax duplication dollars and cable franchise fees. The State also returns to our Town some of the Highway User Revenues that we earn by virtue of our status as a municipality.

What services does the Town of Chevy Chase View provide to its residents?

Do I need a Town Building Permit?

If you are thinking of starting a renovation or building project, please contact the Town Manager for information regarding permit requirements. There are both County and Town building regulations that may apply. The Town Manager will be happy to assist you throughout your project. Call (301) 949-9274 or email the Town Manager. Information concerning County building permits can be obtained from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.

What do I need to know about refuse and recycling in the Town?

Chevy Chase View contracts for backyard removal of household waste. Recyclables, yard waste and bulk pickup takes place at curbside for Town residents. For more specific information, please explore the links below.

  1. Household Waste
  2. Recyclables
  3. Yard Waste
  4. Bulk Pickup

How do I get a recycling container (Toter)?

To order your Toter, please send an email to the Town Manager, Jana Coe, at Each residence has been assigned a recycling container (referred to as a Toter), which is the property of the Town. The Town maintains a list, with the Toter’s serial number, indicating to which residence it has been assigned. The Toter must remain at the residence to which it is assigned in the event the residence changes ownership.

How do I receive information on what is happening in the Town?

All residents are encouraged to register for the following two items:

  1. E-mailings: Minutes of the Town meeting and other correspondence are provided to the residents of the Town. Residents are encouraged to receive these mailings electronically. The Town will also send mailings via traditional mail if preferred. Please contact the Town Manager to request hard copies by mail.
  2. Listserv: You may choose to join the Chevy Chase View (CCV) Listserv, which is an unofficial, privately-maintained, information forum used to communicate local news and Town events. The CCV listserv was established in November 2005 as an information forum to communicate local news and community events. This forum is for Chevy Chase View residents only. To learn more about the acceptable use of the listserv, view the ChevyChaseViewNet Guidelines. Please also check our events calendar frequently.

To which Montgomery County Public School Cluster is the Town of Chevy Chase View assigned?

The Town of Chevy Chase View is assigned to the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cluster.  More information about these schools can be found at the following links:

  1. BCC High School
  2. Westland Middle School
  3. North Chevy Chase Elementary School
  4. Rosemary Hills Primary
  5. Montgomery County Public Schools