Summit Avenue Extension Update

Summit Avenue Extension Public Comment Period

Extended to October 16, 2017


Second Public Meeting on Thursday, September 14th



The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has extended the public comment period on the Summit Avenue Extension from June 30, 2017, to October 16, 2017. MCDOT has also scheduled a second public meeting on Thursday, September 14th, (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM). The meeting will be held at the Kensington Town Hall.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) project website states that “Public input on the Summit Avenue Extension is the key to an effective planning process, as it allows MCDOT to understand the concerns of the community.”  This is your opportunity to communicate your questions or concerns directly with MCDOT via the form referenced above or to the project manager via his email address shown below.


MCDOT has a specific form which residents are asked to use to submit their comments.  This form is found on the project website under the tab “Project Documents”.  The form is part of the document titled “Summit Avenue Extension June 13, 2017 Public Workshop Displays and Handout”. The project website contains maps, documentation, schedule, and contact information.

This summary is based on a review of the information and documents available on the (MCDOT) website and brief discussions with DOT staff at the workshop on the proposed extension held at the Kensington Town Hall, June 13, 2017.

What is it?  [from the project website]

The MCDOT is performing a planning study to determine the need to extend Summit Avenue from Plyers Mill Road to the intersection of Connecticut Avenue (MD 185) and University Boulevard (MD 193) via Farragut Avenue over approximately 1,350 feet of length and to widen the existing bridge over CSX Railroad.

Currently, Summit Avenue ends at the bridge over CSX Railroad south of the intersection with Plyers Mill Road. This bridge carries two

12-foot lanes and a 6-foot sidewalk on each side. The proposed [extension would] include two 11-foot travel lanes and one 8-foot parking lane plus one 6-foot sidewalk with a 7-foot green buffer on each side. Three alternatives were evaluated for the tie into the intersection of MD 185/MD 193. The bridge widening adds a northbound 10-foot right-turn lane on the bridge.

The costs of the various alternatives, exclusive of design and construction management, are estimated to range from approximately $19M to $22M.

Why is it needed?

The MCDOT cites two objectives:

  1. Alleviate traffic congestion on Connecticut Avenue (MD 185) and University Boulevard (MD 193)
  2. Provide alternative route(s) for southwest-northeast travel

The MCDOT projects that by 2040 travel times on Connecticut Avenue and on University Boulevard will increase substantially, possibly as much as 40% during morning and evening rush hours.

Relationship to Kensington Master Plan

MCDOT states that it bases its recommendations in part on approved Master Plans. “The 2012 Kensington Sector Plan recommends extending Summit Avenue north of Plyers Mill Road as [a] two-lane Business District Street in a 60-foot right-of-way with [a] Signed Shared Roadway Local Bikeway.”

Potential Impact on Town of Chevy Chase View

One major impact on the Town would be the possibility of additional traffic on Cedar Lane.  The project is in phase 1, which calls for an initial concept and limited planning.  It is only in phase 2 when the effect on Cedar Lane, as well as other potential impacts, would be analyzed.  The project staff state, however, that at this point only phase 1, currently scheduled to be completed by October 2017, has been funded.  If the project were eventually approved and fully funded, MCDOT staff estimate approximately 5-6 years for completion.

MCDOT also lists the name and email of the project manager who may be contacted for more information:

Mr. Greg Hwang – Project Manager

Phone: 240-777-7279