Two New Utility Scams

From the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection:

We would like to alert residents to two new utility scams reported by you, our consumers.  One scam has a caller identifying himself as “Greg Miller” (and possibly other names) calling from ‘PEPCO’ warning the consumer that their power would be shut off due to unpaid bills.  The caller leaves a toll-free number and extension.  When the consumer calls that number back, the outgoing message sounds very much like what a PEPCO caller would hear if they were actually calling PEPCO.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a PEPCO representative about a bill that does not sound familiar and threatening to shut off your power, hang up and call PEPCO directly at the number that appears on your monthly bill to see if the call was legitimate.

The second scam reported is a variation of the water quality scam seen in the County last year.  With the increased concern over the tap water purity, County residents have reported various entities offering to test your water.  These scammers pose as the Environmental Protection Agency conducting surveys, as authorized WSSC representatives, or simply are unnamed companies providing a “free” service to residents.  The EPA is concerned that those posing as the EPA may be focusing on Spanish-speaking communities.  These scammers come door-to-door and conduct “tests” in your living room which purport to show you how your water is contaminated.  They may even leave vials at your door with notes on how to have your water tested later.  To obtain information about the EPA’s drinking water regulations and general information about drinking water, you may contact the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or